Doing Some Repair Work? Dust Can Cause Problems.

Quimby Pipe Organs Repair

Did you know, apart from water and mice, that dust is the pipe organ’s most insidious and damaging foe?

Several churches have called this year to report ciphers, squawks, honks, and various other problems that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Investigation revealed that the organs were left uncovered as unwitting contractors worked overhead repairing and painting plaster ceilings. The result included ranks of dirty, clogged reeds and plaster dust everywhere.Of course, dust from plaster is only one source of concern. Any ‘invasive’ work in an organ which requires the presence of non-organ workmen in the instrument, including the installation of fire or smoke alarms, sprinkler systems, and electrical or heating implementation, requires careful planning and preparation to avoid unnecessary damage. For ceiling repair and painting, plastic drop cloths can work wonders as a preventive resource! For more extensive work, the presence of an organ builder in the construction loop can often prevent unexpected service calls and even insurance claims.

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