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Our design and tonal philosophy is to create and voice instruments in a style that is distinctly our own, with no pretense of copying one school or historical design. Our goal is to blend general contemporary American ideas with our own concepts based on research into other organ-building traditions.

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New Pipe Organs

Our new organs feature Quimby Pipe Organs’ Blackinton style electro-pneumatic slider windchests, which allow the pipes to speak clearly and practically instantaneously. Our instruments are designed to be “service-friendly” – to provide easy access of tuning and maintenance, giving dependable and reliable service for many generations to come.

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Rebuilding & Restoration

Restoration projects offer us the opportunity to observe and document successful approaches of other master organ builders, ultimately influencing our own work.

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We maintain an inherent respect for the historic integrity of existing instruments, while also taking into consideration client-developed goals for any restoration or rebuild project.



Indianapolis, Indiana

In April, 2018, Quimby Pipe Organs, Inc. entered into an agreement with Trinity Episcopal Church, Indianapolis, Indiana to accomplish an extensive tonal rebuild, including complete revoicing of all flue ranks, replacement of 25% of the flue ranks, and replacement of all Chorus reeds.  Upon completion of the work, the instrument will sound as if it were a new instrument.

Church of the Messiah, Rhinebeck, NY


Rhinebeck, New York

In 2019, Quimby Pipe Organs entered into a contract with The Episcopal Church of the Messiah, to remove the existing instrument so that restoration work can commence to the existing church building.  The pipe organ will undergo a complete restoration.

Maintenance Tips



When scheduling a tuning and maintenance visit, it sometimes takes a while for it to occur; so, we thought we would enlighten you with an explanation of the process of scheduling your tuning and maintenance service visit.

Michael Quimby shares a bit of his rich  background and history in this interview with Dr. Carol Williams, a British-born international organist and composer. 

Listen to the Quimby sound as Ken Cowan plays Wagner on the Quimby Pipe Organ at Saint Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral in San Diego, California.

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