Opus 33 : 3 manuals, 49 ranks

year complete, 2001

The pipe organ at Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church, designed and built by Quimby Pipe Organs, Inc., is a three manual electro-pneumatic instrument with 49 ranks. It contains a total of 2,833 pipes. Instrument layout, tonal design,and scaling, including voicing procedures, were accomplished by Michael Quimby.

The casework of the console is cherry with a cherry interior. There are 43 pipes visible and they are all functional. Twenty nine of the pipes are part of the Pedal 16′ Principal and fourteen pipes are part of the Great 8′ Principal. They are constructed of polished zinc with a gold accent at the mouth.

The console was designed by Michael Quimby and Richard Miller. The drawknobs and tilting tablets are from Harris Precision Products. The key and stop functions are controlled by a multiplex relay system. The combination action by Solid State Logic has 24 levels of memory, three ventils, three programmable blind ensembles, four crescendo settings of which three are programmable by the organist and a sforzando reversible which is inclusive of stops drawn and independently adjustable on each memory level.

The pipes were constructed according to specifications provided by the organbuilder A. R. Schopp’s Sons, Inc. and Thomas Anderson. The Pedal Bourdon was built by Organ Supply Industries, Inc. The reed ranks were voiced by Fred Oyster. The English Horn rank is the second to be built in the exact Aeolian-Skinner style in the past twenty years. This was made possible by acquiring the patterns from the former Aeolian-Skinner head pipe maker, Thomas H. Anderson.

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Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church_TonalSpec

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TwinOaks_Dedication Brochure

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