St. Paul's CathedralSan Diego, California

Opus 68 : 4 manuals, 81 ranks

year complete, 2013

At St. Paul’s Cathedral we found an instrument that had become rather disjointed after several rebuilds. Our goal with this project was to recenter the tonal philosophy and provide a solid and reliable mechanism. To accomplish this, we completely changed the layout of the instrument and built new windchests, wind system, swell boxes, etc. Tonally, most of the pipework was kept but not where we found them. The pipework was completely revoiced for its new intended purposes. Along with several new ranks, vintage pipes from our inventory were incorporated to achieve the desired tonal goal. The end result has created an instrument that has become a major part of the San Diego musical scene.

Read or download the cover feature article from The American Organist’s 2014 issue (includes tonal spec)

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