Opus 36 : 2 manuals, 24 ranks

year complete, 1993

2 Manuals, 24 Ranks Electro-pneumatic. Installed 1993. 

The new Quimby Pipe Organ was made possible through the great generosity of the Schwehr-Hann families. The late Marie Schwehr Hann, in cooperation with her brother, the late William Schwehr, wanted to enhance the worship of God at St. Mark Presbyterian Church with a pipe organ. That this should become a reality was uppermost on their minds. We are grateful to them and to Carolyn Schwehr, who has been a very supportive enabler for this wonderful gift to the congregation they loved.

The pipe organ for St. Mark Presbyterian Church was designed and built by Quimby Pipe Organs, Inc., Warrensburg, Missouri. It has two manuals and 24 ranks of pipes and uses electro-pneumatic unit windchests for control of the pipes. The organ contains 1,478 pipes ranging in size from over 16 feet in length to those smaller than a pencil.

The casework for the organ is constructed of oak and contains 29 polished zinc pipes with tin mouths. The pipes in the case are functional and part of the Great 8’ Principal and Pedal 16’ Principal stops.

The console for this installation was built with drawknobs, coupler rail and marker plates in the Aeolian-Skinner style. The drawknobs and tilting coupler tablets are from Harris Precision Products. The key and stop functions are controlled by a Peterson multi-plex relay system. The combination, also by Peterson, has 32-levels of memory. Full MIDI in and out capability is available on all divisions of the organ.

All pipes were constructed according to specifications provided by the organ builder by A. R. Schopp’s Sons, Inc. and P and S. The tonal design of the entire instrument and voicing and scaling procedures were accomplished by Kevin Kissinger and Michael Quimby.

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St Mark Presbyterian_TonalSpec

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