3 manuals, 34 ranks

year complete, 2006

The manual windchests for the Great, Swell, and Choir divisions were replaced with new Pitman electro-pneumatic windchests, or Quimby Pipe Organs-Blackinton electro-pneumatic slider windchests for all ranks that are not unified or duplexed to other locations.  Ranks that play at more than one pitch, and in different divisions will be located on Quimby Pipe Organs electro-pneumatic unit pouch windchests.  All rack boards for the new windchests will be drilled to accommodate the pipes in the revised tonal specification.  The above-mentioned new windchests were provided with all new wiring to the Austin console, or Peterson solid-state switching system.

 New Peterson Electro-Musical Products solid-state switching was provided for unified ranks in the Swell division, duplexing the Swell Trumpet to play at 8′ pitch in the Great division, and unifying the Swell Trumpet to play at 16′, and 8′ pitch in the Pedal.

New stop tablets were provided for all tonal changes in the existing Austin console.

 Tonal revisions were accomplished according to the Tonal Specification.  Quality vintage pipes from our inventory, that would be superior to ranks replaced, were incorporated in the revised specification.  The vintage pipe work was cleaned, repaired, revoiced, and regulated with the existing Bennett ranks to create a cohesive ensemble.  New tuning slides were provided on the above pipe work, as required.  The existing Bennett ranks retained received the same treatment as those pipes incorporated from our inventory.

The following work was accomplished on the reed ranks retained from the existing instrument. 

  1.   Rebuilt, cleaned, and revoiced the existing Trumpet rank with new resonators, new reed tongues, and lacquering of boot interiors.  The resonators are constructed according to the Æolian-Skinner #2 scale. 
  2.    Rebuilt, cleaned, and revoiced the existing capped Oboe rank with replacement zinc stems for pipes 1-24, repair of other resonators’ scrolls and bodies as required, lacquering of the interiors, and new reed tongues. 
  3.    Rebuilt, cleaned, and revoiced the existing Clarinet ranks with repairs to existing resonators, new regulation slides, lacquering of the boot interiors, and new reed tongues. 

The reservoirs for the Swell and Choir divisions were releathered when the above was accomplished.    The Swell and Choir shade engines were releathered when the above was accomplished. 

The existing wind system was modified and changed to accommodate the installation of the new manual windchests.

The existing Pedal windchests which were in good condition, were provided with new organ cable to the console.

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