Opus 16 : 3 manuals, 32 ranks

year complete, 1984 / 2010

Enlargement of II/21 1983 Quimby Pipe Organ.

The organ which we dedicate this day (December 15, 1982) to the glory and praise of God is an instrument worthy to be used in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ.  It has been designed to fulfill the needs and requirements of our congregation – that of a liturgical worship, and also serves as a fine concert instrument. Trinity’s new organ consists of 22 ranks (prepared for 23 ranks) for a total of 1,327 pipes. The pipes are made of a variety of materials – from an alloy of tin, lead, and zinc, to wood.

The two divisions, the Great and Swell, are located in different areas at the front of the church.  The Swell pipes are housed in the chambers behind the louvers and the Great pipes are placed on either side of the altar.  The new two-manual organ console is beautifully constructed of oak.


View or download the final tonal specification for the organ

The historical tonal specification is available to review in PDF
1984 Tonal Specification

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