Saint Margaret's Episcopal ChurchPALM DESERT, CA

Opus 50 : 4 manuals, 71 ranks

year complete, 1998

“Building an organ for Saint Margaret’s has been our greatest challenge to date. Not only would the instrument need to bathe an acoustically dry room with warm tone, it would have great musical demands placed upon it. Given the flexibility required, we responded heartily to the desire for an instrument mostly enclosed in expression boxes; the need for generous pipe scales, heroic pipe construction and full voicing; a visual design that would harmonize without competing; and the provision of innovative features such as double-enclosed chorus reeds and an unusual transfer system, allowing players to maximize every color at their disposal.

Throughout this process, my staff have surpassed themselves, producing their finest work yet. Any acclaim the organ may received must rest squarely on their extraordinary dedication and hard work.” ~ Michael Quimby

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