DUNWOODY United Methodist ChurchDunwoody, Georgia

4 manuals, 100 ranks

year complete, 2019

Quimby Pipe Organs is pleased to announce the contract for a new organ for Dunwoody United Methodist Church in Dunwoody, Georgia, which is to be installed during the Summer of 2019, following renovations to the Sanctuary and Chancel at Dunwoody. The existing Sanctuary, which was constructed in 2001, possesses excellent acoustics for choral and organ music. The organ project is coincident with the relocation of the choir and organ from the rear gallery to a renovated Chancel.

The organ will be entirely new mechanically, and will make copious use of high-quality, vintage pipe work from two 20th century American organs: 1911 Ernest M. Skinner Company, Opus 195, formerly of Williams College in Williamstown, Massachussetts (4 manuals, 66 ranks) and 1939 Casavant, Opus 1600, formerly of Immaculate Conception Seminary in Darlington, New Jersey (3 manuals, 42 ranks).

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