3 manuals, 45 ranks

year complete, 2009

Rebuild the III/45 Aeolian pipe organ, Opus 1791.

Replacement of the original remote Aeolian combination action with a new Peterson Electro-Musical Products ICS-4000 multi-level capture combination action with Inteli-Power rectifier and the installation of all-new electric control units behind the existing tablets. All-new wiring between the stops tablets, combination action, thumb piston, and toe stud units will be provided. The original Aeolian no impulse remote combination action machine will be archived in its present location, and all console combination action parts will be crated and stored in the organ for historical purposes.

Replacement of the existing vacuum-operated switching system with a new Peterson Electro-Musical Products ICS-4000 multiplex switching system to control all key and stop functions. This change will allow the console to be easily moved to any desired location in the chancel since the cable connecting the console to the organ chambers is a CAT 5 cable. The system includes a transposer, MIDI , and a built-in sequence recorder. New manual, pedal, and piston contacts will be provided. The change also includes recovering manual natural covers with synthetic material like found on Steinway pianos and replacement of ebony sharps with new ebony, replacement Pedal natural caps and sharps. New wiring will be provided from the ICS-4000 to the existing chamber junctions. The Aeolian chamber switching relays will be archived in their original location.

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