3 manuals, 39 ranks

year complete, 1999

Complete rebuild and move to new sanctuary of the 1961 Wicks pipe organ enlarged by Temple Organ Company 1988. Rebuilt with electro-pneumatic slider windchests, unit electro-pneumatic windchests, and electro-pneumatic offset windchests, new building frames, new winding system, new swell division shades, new swell boxes. Provided new Great Division Ranks: 8′ Principal, 4′ Octave, 2′ Super Octave, 1 1/3′ IV Mixture, and Trumpet playable at 8-4′ in the great and 16-8-4′ in the pedal. Provided vintage wood 8′ Bourdon and 4′ Hohlflute. Moved existing great Principal chorus to swell and existing swell Principal chorus to choir with revoicing as possible. Installed Peterson multiplex relay and 32 level combination action in Temple console. Provided two case fronts with pipes of the new pedal 16-8′ Principal featuring polished zinc and gold mouths.

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