Opus 48 : 2 manuals, 14 ranks

year complete, 1997

Restore the 657 leather pipe valve pneumatics for the Great and Swell
manual windchests.

Releather the note primary action of the Swell windchest controlling the
Trumpet, Aeoline, and Voix Celeste.

Restore the ventil stop actions for the Trumpet, existing Aeoline, and
Voix Celeste.

Releather offset windchests including 16′ Bourdon windchest.

Releather reservoirs, swell shade engines, tremulants.  Releather wood pipe stoppers as required for tuning stability.

Clean all pipes in accordance with industry standards, clean all structural parts, and replace all tie ropes for the large zinc pipes in the Swell division.

Install new key contacts and new Peterson Electro-Musical Products solid state switching equipment to replace the Kilgen electro-pneumatic
switching equipment.

Install new 32 level Peterson Electro-Musical Products solid state
combination action with required new stop rail with new stop keys and control units.  This change will allow the Pedal to have the Great Principal play at 8-4′ pitch and the Swell Flute to play on the Great.

Replace the Kilgen Chime Action with a new Peterson Electro-Musical Products chime action.

Provided a new Astron 35 Amp rectifier to provide appropriate regulated
power to the console and Astron 50 Amp rectifier in the organ chamber

Provide new AGO 30 note pedal board.

Replace the existing 8′ Trumpet with another 8′ Trumpet that will stay
in tune and be stable for the six month periods between tunings.  A new rackboard will be provided for this stop.

Provide new Direct Current return cables of appropriate size to the console from the organ chamber.

Install a new 8′ Principal from Tenor C up (49 pipes) with new rackboard, scaled and voiced for the church’s acoustics.

Replace the Great 8′ Gamba with a new 4′ Octave (73 pipes) with new rackboard to play at 4′ and 2′ pitch in the Great.

Install a new Great 1 1/3′ Mixture III-IV ranks with new windchest, wiring, and winding.

Replace the Swell 8′ Aeoline with a new 4′ Spitz Principal playing at
4-2′ pitch (73 pipes) with new rackboard.

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