Opus 52 : 2 manuals, 29 ranks

year complete, 2000

The pipe organ for the First Presbyterian Church, built by Quimby Pipe Organs, Inc., is a two manual instrument of 29 ranks based on an eclectic design. The concept does not copy any single historical style of organ building. The tonal design is a synthesis, resulting in a concept that is distinctly American.

The tonal specification was designed in consultation with Dr. and Mrs. Frederic Homan, Richard Miller, and members of the organ committee. The instrument features electro-pneumatic slider windchests and electro-pneumatic unit windchests.

The organ contains 1706 pipes, of which 678 were retained from the previous instrument and revoiced for the new tonal specification. The metal pipes are constructed of various alloys of tin and lead for those shorter than 4′ in length, and a zinc alloy for pipes longer than 4′ in length. Several ranks are constructed entirely of wood, including the pipes of the Great 8′ Hohlflute and the Swell 4′ Open Flute.

The Moeller console from the previous installation was retained and refinished, but rebuilt with solid state controls. The key and stop functions are controlled by a solid state Peterson Multiplex relay system. The solid state Peterson combination action has 32 levels of memory.

View or download the tonal spec PDF
FirstPresChurch_Warrensburg_Tonal Spec

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