First Christian ChurchJefferson City, Missouri

Opus 64 : 1 manuals, 9 ranks

year complete, 2009

Electro-pneumatic slider instrument. Completion Spring 2009.
1. Quimby Pipe Organs electro-pneumatic slider windchests for flue ranks that are not extended. Electro-pneumatic pouch windchests for all reed ranks, extended ranks, and pedal ranks. Construction style assures reliable operation without the use of slider seals.

2. Three-manual drawknob console with naturals of synthetic ivory, and sharps of ebony, pedal sharps of rosewood. Manuals, drawknob units, coupler units, swell shoes by Harris Precision Products. Bench matching console style.

3. Peterson Multiplex relay for all key and stop functions.

4. Peterson ICS 4000, 256 level combination action and piston sequencer.

5. Full MIDI including record/playback functions.

6. Swell shades 2″ thick laminated sugar pine construction with pivots on ball bearings.

7. Adjustable bench fitted with backrest and adjustable height crank mechanism.

8. Movable console with internal casters.

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