Opus 43 : 3 manuals, 58 ranks

year complete, 1995

Built new organ using all the pipes from the church’s 1957 Layton organ (severely damaged by an arson fire). Cleaned, repaired, and revoiced all the existing pipework. Built new organ with electro-pneumatic slider windchests. Built a new detached console with a solid-state multiplex relay, mmultilevelcombination action, and Harris console components.

Central United Church of Christ’s instrument originally was built by Dewey Layton of Colorado Springs, and installed in 1957. Following the fire, the three-manual and pedal, 53-rank instrument was completely rebuilt by Quimby Pipe Organs, Inc. It features a new Hooded Bombarde, which replaces a similar stop destroyed in the blaze, and a new Celestial division located in the balcony.

All surviving pipework was cleaned, repaired, provided new slide tuners and revoiced. New electro-pneumatic slider windchests and electro-pneumatic individual valve windchests were fabricated along with a completely new wind system. A new three-manual console was constructed incorporating the original manuals, which were rebuilt, and new all-electric drawknobs from Harris Precision Products were provided. A new 32-multi-level capture combination action and multiplex switching system by Peterson Electro-Musical Products was also added.

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Central United Church_DedBrochure 1995

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Central United Church_Tonal Spec

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