Opus 40 : 2 manuals, 20 ranks

year complete, 1994

The pipe organ for the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration,
designed and built by Quimby Pipe Organs, Inc., Warrensburg, MO, is a two-manual instrument of 20 ranks. The organ features Blackinton-style electro-pneumatic slider windchests and electro-pneumatic unit windchests for duplexed and extended ranks.  It contains 1,129 pipes, of which 213 pipes were retained from the previous 1909 Estey pipe organ designed by William Horatio Clarke.

The instrument incorporates the 1950 Austin console provided when the Estey pipe organ’s tubular-pneumatic action was electrified. Also retained were the original Estey case-front and facade pipes, which were restored; the original Great division enclosure and shutters, now containing the Swell division; the electrified windchest holding the Pedal 16′ Contra Dulciana; and blower.
Members of Quimby Pipe Organs making significant contributions in the
fabrication of the organ are:
Derek (Scott) Brown, pipe restoration; Chris Emerson, installation, pipe repair and modification; Charles (Chuck) Ford, case design and interior structure; Eric Johnson, installation, internal design and mechanical systems; John H. Hendriksen, voicing; Kevin Kissinger, Vice President; Larry Lasater, case and structural woodworking/construction and reservoir construction; Brad McGuffey, installation, console design and woodworking; Mike Miller, Installation, woodworking, metal and wood finishing; Gary Olden, installation and woodworking; Michael Quimby, Owner and President; Randy Watkins, installation, console and relay wiring.
Memorial contributions for the pipe organ in memory of Reinhardt J. and Virginia M. Schmieder.

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Benedictine Sisters_Tonal Spec

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