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St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church

St. Joseph, Missouri
2 manuals, 12 ranks; Year complete: 2001

Relocate II/7 M.P. Möller with tonal additions, complete revoicing, console rebuild with Peterson solid-state multiplex switching and combination action.

Organ Specification

GREAT ORGAN Unenclosed - 6 Ranks
Gedeckt16'61 notes ext 8' Gedeckt
Principal8'851-12 new in facade, remainder existing
Gemshorn8'61 notes from swell
Octave4'61 notes ext 8' Principal
Gedeckt4'61 notes ext 8' Gedeckt
Nazard2-2/3'49addition to specification 1-12 from 8' Gedeckt Unit
Super Octave2'61 notes ext 8' Principal
Gedeckt2'61 notes ext 8' Gedeckt
Tierce1-3/5'49top octave repeats addition to original specification
Mixture III 1-1/3'122replacement of existing Mixture, 2' from Principal 8'
Trumpet8'61from Swell
Clarion4'61 notes from swell
ChimesPrepared for in console and relay
Swell to Great8'
MIDI on GreatPrepared for

SWELL ORGAN -5 ranks
Spitzflute8'61existing 1-12 from Gemshorn
Gemshorn Celeste TC8'Prepared for in console and relay
Principal4'73addition to original specification
Spitzflute4'61 notes ext
Octave2'61 notes ext 4' Principal
Quinte1-1/3'61 notes ext 8' Gemshorn
Contra Trompette16'85
Trompette8'61 notes ext 16' Trompette
Cromhorne TC8'49addition to original specification
Clarion4'61 notes ext 16' Trompette
MIDI on SwellPrepared for

Resultant32'32 notes from Gedeckt 16'
Bourdon16'32 notes prepared for console-relay
Gedeckt16'32from Great
Principal8'32 notes from Great
Bourdon8'Prepared for on console and relay
Gedeckt8'32 notes from Great
Gemshorn8'32 notes from swell
Octave4'32 notes from Great
Gedeckt4'32 notes from Great
Contra Trumpet16'32 notes from swell
Trumpet8'32 notes from swell
Clarion4'32 notes from swell
Cromorne4'32 notes from swell
Great to Pedal8'
Swell to Pedal8'
MIDI on PedalPrepared for

COMBINATION ACTION 32 Levels of Memory
Great Division5 thumb pistons for Great organ only
Swell Division5 thumb pistons for Swell organ only
Generals 10 thumb pistons
General Cancel

Great to Pedal Reversibletoe stud
Swell to Pedal Reversibletoe stud
Sforzando Reversibletoe stud
Swell Pedal
Crescendo Shoe


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