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Lutheran Church of Our Savior

Kansas City, Missouri
2 manuals, 19 ranks; Year complete: 2000

The pipe organ in the Lutheran Church of Our Saviour, rebuilt by Quimby Pipe Organs, Inc., Warrensburg, Missouri, is a two manual electro-pneumatic instrument with 19 ranks. The rebuilt instrument has a total of 1,190 pipes of which 351 are exposed. The instrument's tonal design was accomplished by Stephan Casurella and Michael Quimby.

The Austin Organs, Inc. console, electro-pneumatic universal windchests, and six ranks of pipes were retained from the original 1959 installation. The Austin electro-pneumatic actions were replaced and the console provided with a Peterson Electro-Musical Products solid state combination action with thirty-two levels of memory. Thew new 8' Cromorne, 1 3/5' Tierce, and 16' Trumpet are installed on new electro-pneumatic pouch windchests. The 32' pedal stop is digital.

The exposed pipes are new, except the pipes with a copper finish, and contain pipes of the great Diapason chorus played by the lower keyboard. The largest 12 pipes, with the copper finish, are constructed of zinc with spotted metal mouths and the remaining pipes are constructed of 50% tin and 50% lead. The swell division is controlled by the second keyboard and is located behind the large exposed pipes. The sound of this division can be changed by shutters which open and close similar to a Venetian blind.

The new reed ranks were built and voiced by Quimby Pipe Organs, Inc. Thew new flue ranks were scaled and voiced by Quimby Pipe Organs, Inc. Ranks that were retained from the Austin Organ, Opus 2315, were revoiced to blend with the revised tonal specification.

Organ Specification

Principal8'681-12 existing; remainder new
Bourdon (in Sw chamber)8'801-24 existing; remainder new
Gemshorn (in Sw Chamber)8'68existing
Mixture III 183new
Cromorne (in Sw Chamber)8'68new
Great to Great16'
Great Unison Off
Great to Great4'
Swell to Great16'-8'-4'

SWELL ORGAN (Under Expression)
Hohl Flute8'68existing
Viola Celeste 8'56existing
Rohr Flute4'68new
Super Octave2'61new
Swell to Swell16'
Swell Unison Off
Swell to Swell4'
Great to Swell8'

Lieblich Gedeckt32'32 notes digital, new
Bourdon16'ext Great Bourdon
Octave8'ext 16' Principal
Bourdon8'from Great Bourdon
Super Octave4'ext 16' Principal
Great to Pedal8'-4'
Swell to Pedal8'-4'

COMBINATION ACTION - 32 Levels of Memory, Peterson Solid State, New
General Thumb Pistons1-8
General Toe Studs9-12
Great Divisional thumb pistons1-8
Swell Divisional thumb pistons1-8
Pedal Divisional toe studs1-4
Great to Pedal Reversiblethumb piston and toe stud
Swell to Great Reversiblethumb piston
Sforzando Reversiblethumb piston and toe stud

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