Quimby Pipe Organs, Inc.

producing organs that do the job with style

About Us

Established in 1970 and located in Warrensburg, Missouri, Quimby Pipe Organs, Inc., specializes in building, enlarging, rebuilding, and restoring pipe organs. Our installations range in scope from small two-manual organs to very large instruments of four or five manuals and can be found throughout the United States. Each instrument is custom planned, engineered and voiced for its own unique acoustical and liturgical setting. An added goal is to provide a visually attractive instrument that compliments the architecture of the building in which it is located. Our tonal philosophy is to design and voice instruments in a style that is distinctly our own, without necessarily copying any one musical school or historical design. Our goal is to blend general contemporary American ideas with our own conception of what an organ should be, based on extensive research into the organ-building traditions of the past. New organs feature Quimby Pipe Organs’ Blackinton-style electro-pneumatic slider windchests, allowing the pipes to speak clearly and practically instantaneously. Our instruments are designed to be "service-friendly" – to allow for easy access for tuning and maintenance, giving dependable and reliable service for many generations to come. Though some of our instruments are very large, built for prominent churches, we also pride ourselves on being able to tailor our instruments to suit the needs of smaller churches with limited budgets.

We believe that it is our responsibility to produce organs that won’t just do the job, but will do the job with style. Our instruments do this by supporting choral and congregational singing and by offering the maximum possibilities for sensitive and creative service playing. We consistently strive in our work to build balanced instruments that will serve an extensive liturgical and concert repertoire, and that have clear, transparent and commanding choruses. We strive to build organs of a heroic quality, instruments that possess an inherent majesty and grandeur. As a firm committed solely to excellence, we welcome all inquiries from organ committees and others who are seeking an organ of quality and distinction.

Quimby Pipe Organs Inc.
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